Mastering the Partner ACS

Save time and money by managing your Partner ACS phone system like a pro.

Take Control

How many times has this happened? You want to make a change to your phone system or use a simple feature that you know is available. You call your phone vendor and find out they are no longer around and then you try calling another local vendor who immediately tells you, your phone system is really old or that they don't work on this system and you really should buy a new phone system.

Frustrated, you decide to tackle the problem yourself and find the answer. The internet is beautiful thing and with a little searching you come up with a manual for the Partner ACS.

Looking at the manual, it doesn't seem to give you a clear instructions on what your trying to do and there is a lot of terminology that just doesn't make sense.

Undeterred, you find something in the manual that appears to be related to your problem or feature and give it a try. You test your change and it doesn't work or even worst the system is now acting strangely and you now have bigger problems.

A Layman's Guide

Mastering the Partner ACS is your guide to managing the Partner ACS phone system using simple and easy to understand instructions on programming and troubleshooting. This ebook will help you avoid costly service calls and allow you to get the most out of your Partner ACS phone system.

When can I buy it?

The ebook is still in the development stage and not quite ready for release, but submit your email to our mailing list and we will notify you when it's available for purchase.

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